What if you put more energy into getting the job done instead of being stressed out by conflict and misunderstandings?
What if everyone in your office communicated efficiently?
What if meetings could stay focused and productive instead of getting side-tracked into minutiae?

 Cost of Conflict (2)

All organizations face difficult moments. It is a natural part of people working together. While change, financial uncertainty and meeting company objectives can be stressful, if managed properly, they can lead to innovation, an engaged workforce and increased client satisfaction.

At NVMS, we bring 25 years of experience supporting organizations as they strive to achieve success even in difficult times. Our expertise in preventing and managing conflict, dealing with change and building capacity within the workforce to address these issues have saved numerous organizations valuable time and resources.

We are here to assist you to:

  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Create a collaborative work environment
  • Provide the appropriate structure for problem-solving and improved decision-making
  • Restore positive working relationships
  • Enhance team cohesiveness and productivity

 Communicate Effectively   •   Resolve Disputes   •   Advance Your Mission

Our team of practitioners are certified mediators through the Supreme Court of Virginia and have a wealth of experience offering consulting services and training for individuals and groups in a variety of areas, including:

Skill Development – in leadership, collaborative processes, mediation, facilitation, negotiation, communication, conflict management, prevention and resolution.

Facilitation  for focus groups, meetings, planning sessions and decision-making processes.

Mediation – of interpersonal, organizational and inter-organizational disputes.

Since 1990, we have served a variety of clients including local, state and federal agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations with affordable solutions –on-site, off-site or at our training facility.

Our clients include:

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