Restorative Justice: Applications in Our Community and Yours

q34Webinar Presented by David Deal & Bill Casey through ADRHub and NVMS

Even in the ADR community, the term restorative justice (RJ) is not a “household word”. However, RJ is taking root in many of harm situations distinct from the crimes where it has most often been applied in the U.S. During the last several years, the Northern Virginia Mediation Service (NVMS) has provided RJ services to the Fairfax County Public Schools, the nation’s 11th largest school district, and it is beginning to find comparable interest in the local juvenile court and in the community at large.

Bill Casey and Dave Deal, both mediators/RJ facilitators, and co-coordinators of NVMS’s RJ program, talked about the differences between mediation with RJ and presented lessons learned about how RJ serves communities’ needs to repair harm and restore relationships that result from juvenile offenses or crimes in school settings and in the community–including such behaviors as fighting, bullying, stealing, and vandalism.

What is the motivation for schools or the court to turn to RJ instead of standard disciplinary or judicial measures?

What are the costs and benefits to such an alternative?

What impediments continue to thwart broader acceptance and implementation?

People from all over the country and across the globe joined in on our discussion on how conflict resolution practitioners can work with communities and the courts to implement successful Restorative Justice programs.

The webinar is available for viewing and download here: