Co-Parenting and Mediation

What comes next after divorce? What comes next for your children? Co-Parenting can be a difficult discussion. Even if your divorce was as mutual and respectful as possible, your children need a plan for this major shift in family dynamics and lifestyle. 

If talking to your former spouse one-on-one feels too overwhelming, do not feel life you have to discuss it alone. You have options! People would be surprised to find out that some of our mediations with our clients have been centered around co-parenting following a divorce. NVMS can provide divorced couples with a mediator to help create a more comfortable and safe environment for all parties involved to act as a facilitator in the discussion for your child’s future moving forward. 

Not only does NVMS provide mediation services, we also provide classes on co-parenting!

NVMS has an upcoming class regarding co-parenting for open IV-D DCSE cases. We will be offering these classes a few times a month throughout the year.

Please contact Alessandra Cuccia for more information. Phone: 703-865-7263. Email: