Divorce Mediation

Divorce. Potentially, one of the ugliest legal processes out there. So the marriage with a spouse did not seem to work out. Between deciding who gets the kids, the house, or the cat, the legal hurdles within the court system can be a very overwhelming and costly for all parties involved. But what if the process could be made a little easier, and a little more comforting? Northern Virginia Mediation Service give you options. 

NVMS provides Divorce Mediation for the public, much like any of the other types of mediation we offer, successful mediation cases together draw up a mediation agreement, which include any provisions that all parties would agree to. This is a win-win situation, everybody!

There are many other benefits to divorce mediation.

The process provides plenty of time without draining your wallet of legal fees. Instead of charging a set fee for services like lawyers would, NVMS fees are set on a sliding scale based on the income you make. We do this to make mediation as accessible as possible no matter what your financial situation is. 

Divorce mediation also protects the integrity of the relationship between the parties. The goal in mediation is not only to work together to come to an agreement, but to also develop relations so that parties may work together civilly in the future, especially around children. 

These are just a few of the many benefits to divorce mediation. If you think this might be the right track for you, feel free to call our office and schedule a meeting. We are here to support all parties involved no matter the issue.