Mediation: An Essential Life Skills

During my time with NVMS, I have learned an extraordinary amount about mediation and the skills required to become a successful mediator. As I reflect on my previous life experiences and my current position as a manager, I realize even more the importance of incorporating the skills I’ve learned related to mediation into my daily life. A few skills that come to mind include active listening, patience, collaboration, and communication.

Because mediation truly allows individuals to have a voice and the time to work together to solve their dispute; it has taught me to continue to increase dialogue among myself and others, which ultimately leads to a more positive outcome for everyone involved. This concept was further solidified through participation in NVMS’ Skills and Process course. As we role-played characters in different scenarios, it was refreshing when I and the other party had the time to really work through a situation and actually be heard without being shut down by excessive emotions. Listening, being patient, communicating, and being collaborative, were all skills and lessons that were reinforced through role-play exercises.

Too often in our daily lives we aren’t actually listening to others, instead are just waiting for our turn to talk. Mediation has trained me to be different. Now, instead of blurting out or interrupting others, I take a moment to process what was said and then form my thoughts.

Contributor: Amanda Rioux (Moore)