Mediation in the Workplace

Why is it important to consider mediation in the workplace? 

The average full-time job requires you to work 35-40 hours per week. At most, that is close to 25% of your time during the week dedicated to being around and collaborating with your co-workers. If there is a conflict going on at work, this means you may be likely to think about the conflict 25% of a week’s time, thinking and maybe not say anything about the issue. 

This is not good!

It is vital to keep open communication within the workplace so that everyone may work together to further the organization’s mission. Mediation in the workplace offers one the opportunity to rekindle friendly relations with co-workers, negotiate, and find a solution that everyone can be satisfied with. 

If you want to consider workplace mediation, know that you have options. Human Resources is a great option for when you are looking for an unbiased opinion that is also familiar with the day to day functions and responsibilities within the working environment. Another option would include reaching out to third party mediation service to mediate any tension that is holding you back from producing the best work you can. 

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