NVMS State-by-State Guide to Court Mediator Qualifications

NVMS has recently completed a guidebook explaining what qualifications a mediator needs to mediate in court in each of the 50 states. This has been a difficult, long-term project, and we appreciate all of those who have helped compile the information.

We are hoping the guidebook may be useful in several ways. First, we think that court mediators who move between states or mediate in multiple states will benefit from an easy reference explaining what they need to do to be qualified in each state. Second, we hope that the guide will be convenient for those who wish to compare court mediation programs, whether out of curiosity or as part of a job or project.

The differences in the ways that courts qualify mediators are striking, ranging from no necessary qualifications to 100+ hours of training and menteeship. Some states may not utilize mediation at all, or only in family court, or only with attorneys as mediators. This has made our effort a challenge, and we encourage readers to contact us if and when our information is inaccurate. However, we have done our best to resolve the confusion, and we think even in its current form we have a pretty useful guide. We hope readers will think so too.

US Court Mediator Qualifications Standards (PDF)