Why respect is important in Mediation

The idea of giving someone respect and being courteous to people has been integrated into our lives since we were children. Respect your elders. Respect your teacher. Respect your friends. In many cases, it is an obvious element of behavior when considering the act of communication. 

However, something that we may practice every day as members of society, can come to a halt when there is a disagreement. One reason parties have a disagreement could be perhaps that one party may have felt disrespected by the other party. But, the other parties may not understand if they do not communicate. 

This is where mediation comes in.

Mediation serves many purposes. One purpose includes enabling parties to talk about their problems with each other in a respectful way. Any participant in the mediation, including the mediator, reserves the right to request others to be respectful to each other. This may seem obvious. However, it could be the hardest thing for some people in conflict. 

How can you show respect in a mediation, even if there is major disagreement?

-Listening carefully to what others have to say so that you can learn the other party’s point of view.

-Not interrupting someone when they are speaking to you or another person.

-Using respectful language that would not include, name-calling, swearing and other destructive phrases.