How To Be A Genuine Conversationalist


According to Celeste Headlee in her Ted Talk, “10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation”, listening is one of the most important skills a person can develop.  Active listening is a skill that can be exercised anywhere; from professional interviews to interpersonal conversations.  The better you listen, the better your results.  In her 12 minute Ted Talk, Headlee explains each of these points humorously and in an impactful way.  Why don’t you watch the video and practice your new listening skills with your friends, family, and coworkers today?


In short, here are Celeste Headlee’s top tips for being a better conversationalist:

1: Don’t Multitask

2: Don’t Pontificate

3: Use Open Ended Questions

4: Go With The Flow

5: Don’t Claim To Be An Expert When You Are Not

6: Don’t Equate Your Experiences

7: Try Not To Repeat Yourself

8: Stay Out of the Weeds

9: Listen

10: Be Brief