October 24: Self-Reflection – A Necessary Practice (FREE)

Speaker: Mohamed Shehab El Din

Time: 7:30-9pm (7-7:30pm – networking)register-here-button.png

CME: 1.5 General (pending)

Cost: FREE


During the process of resolving a conflict, whether during direct negotiation or mediation, it is possible to lose sight of the real interests. This happens due to distractions by different emotions and psychological elements that affect parties through the process. It can contribute to irrational behavior that might result in an impasse or an imperfect resolution. Mediators are not immune from these distractions. To understand the source of such behavior, it is important to maintain a balance between what looks right on the strategy sheet and how a negotiator/mediator feels about the process, the issues and the stakeholders. Perhaps most importantly, one may review how s/he reflects on him/herself in the context of the process. Self-reflection is a powerful approach to understand oneself as well as other stakeholders involved in a process. It reveals the real interests and drives behind any behavior, thus it helps discovering the real interest and coming up with the most appropriate approach to possible resolution. The forum will discuss and analyze the variety of irrational behavior expressed by stakeholders during a dialogue. It will explore the relevant self-reflection approaches available to practitioners and stakeholders to ensure a clear vision of motives and interests.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

(1) Discuss their understanding of rational and irrational behavior during a dialogue process;

(2) Understand the impact of hidden interest on individuals’ behavior;

(3) Recognize how emotions and feeling could affect one’s behavior during a dialogue; and

(4) Practice self-reflection tools and explore how they could be modified and transferred to help others.

About the Speaker

Mohamed Shehab El Din Entrepreneur, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker Mohamed Shehab ElDin is a social entrepreneur, consultant, a lecturer and a speaker in the fields of Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Public Speaking. He is a cofounder of ALSHEHAB & Partners, and a consulting partner at IMPACT for training and development. Shehab offers consulting services, designs, delivers and facilitates training and simulation workshops focusing on Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation, Leadership, Public Speaking, and Self-reflection among other topics. He is a Business Edge Certified trainer from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) who is recognized for his creative and agile facilitation style and experience with different types of audience. He is currently a Lecturer at the American University in Cairo, Business school, School of Executive Education. Between 2004 and 2010 he lectured at the Institute for Peace Studies in Alexandria, the Canadian International College and at the Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA), teaching Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, and International Relations. Shehab is a co-founder and a former board member of Nahdet El-Mahrousa, a leading NGO incubating social entrepreneurs and social ventures targeting economic and social development issues in Egypt. He is also the Founding Curator of the Global Shapers Community- Cairo Hub, launched by the World Economic Forum in 2011, gathering key young leaders globally. In 2011 he was the cofounded and moderated the Cairo debates, a platform for community stakeholders’ dialogue. Shehab holds a Masters degree in International Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from the Kroc Institute of Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Helwan University in Egypt, and a Diploma in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Erasmus University in the Netherlands.