The Main Themes from Dare to Disagree – A Ted Talk from Margaret Heffernan



Margaret Heffernan is a seasoned business woman and a five time CEO.  In this video, she explores conflict avoidance and how it contributes to organizational inefficiencies and even disasters.  Below are some of the main themes of the video which can be applied to our everyday lives:

Conventional wisdom is not always right. – It is important to challenge the status quo, or at the very least, not take everything at face value.  

Openness alone cannot drive change. – When new information becomes available in any field, instant change in opinions and practices is very rare.  It often takes persistence and time to achieve real change.

Conflict can be constructive. –  Find a thinking partner who is willing to challenge you and help think through problems together.  This form of collaboration is useful for testing theories and coming up with useful solutions to problems.

Conflict is an important part of the human condition.  It is important not to shy away from difficult conversations because of fear of conflict.  In the words of Heffernan herself, “the truth won’t set us free until we develop the skills and the habit and the talent and the moral courage to use it. Openness isn’t the end. It’s the beginning.”

-Robin Schell, Communications Specialist, NVMS