Moving Forward, Post-Election

By Megan Johnston, NVMS Executive Director

Each time we help a family to create a co-parenting plan or peacefully negotiate a separation, every court dispute resolved by satisfying the interests of those involved through mediation, every agreement reached by community stakeholders in a restorative justice conference and every collaborative communication skill learned in training, make our society a better place.  

Regardless of individual feelings about the candidates, conversations around national politics during the campaign have been acrimonious and at times threatening.  You can make a difference in the healing our country by sharing your knowledge and experience in collaborative conflict resolution.  Demonstrate good listening with those in your life.  Tell your neighbors about mediation when challenges arise.  Advocate for restorative justice.

I need your help to elevate our mission of helping people to endure times of conflict by peaceably addressing differences and creating positive solutions to life’s many challenges. Helping people to listen to one another, think through their options and work together collaboratively defies political trends.  I am gratified to work with the NVMS community and the broader mediation and restorative justice communities toward creating a better society, one mediation, one training and one facilitation at a time.

Megan Johnston is Executive Director of Northern Virginia Mediation Service (NVMS), a nonprofit organization with 26 years of experience helping individuals, groups and organizations to communicate and resolve disputes around issues important to them.  NVMS works with families, individuals, non-profit organizations, community groups, local and federal government agencies and businesses to improve the way we address challenges in order to move forward.  Johnston has been with NVMS for nine years and holds a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies, a Bachelors degree in International Affairs and an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Management.  She is a certified civil court mediator, experienced facilitator and presenter on a variety of conflict prevention, resolution and communications skills topics.