Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a process, designed by Dr. Rosenberg that involves language, thought, communication and a commitment to a certain use of power. In this session you will be learn the types of thinking and language that alienates us from one another. You will be introduced to the NVC process, which can guide us to re-frame how we express ourselves, how we hear others, and how we can resolve conflicts using a four-step model.

This course focuses on reframing how we express ourselves and hear others to create a flow of information and empathy in which both participants explore and work to fulfill each other’s needs. The positive impact of this is:

  • We are more aware of what we are perceiving, feeling, and wanting
  • Our words become conscious and we are better able to express ourselves
  • We are able to specify behaviors and conditions that affect us
  • We are able to communicate concretely what we want and need
  • We are better able to listen and connect to others
Course Agenda
Underlying premises of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
Intention and choices
NVC Circle of Life
Language that connects or alienates
Nonverbal communication
4 basic steps – Expressing and receiving

  • Basic model
  • Observations
  • Feelings
  • Needs
  • Requests
  • Empathy
About the Instructor
Nathalie Thompson, MA is a Virginia Supreme Court certified mentor mediator and professional facilitator specializing in mediation, conflict resolution leadership development, meeting facilitation and coaching. Nathalie is member of the Restorative Justice (RJ) leadership team for Northern Virginia Mediation Service (NVMS) working to implement RJ in the Fairfax County, VA school and juvenile justice systems.  Her expertise includes conflict prevention and resolution, mediation, conflict coaching; restorative justice practices; building and restoring working relationships; building teams and enhancing teamwork; leadership and management development; career coaching.