NVMS Public Service – Supporting IJET and its goal to reduce crimes against children

NVMS receives requests at least once a year to meet with organizations from abroad about implementing mediation or restorative justice in the courts and/or exploring dispute resolution in community settings. This is a public service activity, for which our organizations receives no funding. This year, we are excited to be hosting the IJET Program, which is supported by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.

The main goal of the Kyrgyzstani fellows’ proposed Change Plan is to prevent and decrease crimes against children and provide better protection for child victims through judicial and prosecutorial cooperation. Their proposed objectives to reach the overall goal include improving cooperation between judicial and prosecutorial authorities in order to secure institutional support for legal changes to protect child victims and engaging in legal advocacy and education outreach to the legal community, government institutions, civil society, schools, and the general public.

The goal of the Peruvian fellows’ Change Plan is to safeguard the rights of minors in the justice system as victims or as offenders, including through restorative justice and reintegration programs for minors in conflict with the law.

Through this program, small groups of justice-sector professionals come to the U.S. for month-long fellowship programs designed to help them develop skills and knowledge to develop and implement a Change Plan for specific institutional or justice-system reforms. The fellows in this program came to NVMS to hear more about the Alternative Accountability Program for first-time juvenile offenders in Fairfax County. NVMS has had great success with the AAP program and furthering alternative dispute resolution in Fairfax County. Since the AAP program has started, 310 restorative justice cases have been facilitated by NVMS since the program launched. We have assisted over 600 youth involved in conflict repair harm through restorative justice.