This interactive 3 day course teaches practical and effective mediation skills applicable in many areas. Participants will learn and practice key skills in conflict resolution, interest-based negotiations, reflective listening, facilitation, and structured problem-solving. This is the same successful workshop we have offered since 1992, taken by thousands of lawyers, therapists, federal, state and local government employees, judges, human resource professionals, teachers, ombudsman, and many others. September 6-8/ November 1-3      More information       Register
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is fast becoming a standard resource for lawyers, courts, government agencies, and corporations. This workshop outlines the nature of conflict and general strategies for dealing with conflict. It provides an up-to-date look at ADR methods, applications, sources of information, and how to use and participate effectively in ADR. This workshop is invaluable to those looking to pursue in-depth training, certification, or any of the NVMS professional certificate programs. TBA 2018       More information       Register
New brain research is revealing the forces at work beneath consciousness that impedes conflict resolution. According to the studies, our brains are hard-wired to argue, seek revenge, and impede rational decision-making. They cause people to take excessive risks, to reject proposals that are in their best interests, and to reinforce their erroneous assumptions despite compelling contrary data. This workshop is a fascinating look at brain science and the challenge of overcoming human nature. August 31       More information       Register
This workshop provides workplace and commercial mediators the opportunity to observe and debrief simulated mediations. Participants will also reinforce their mediation skills by practicing within a variety of scenarios. The emphasis of these role-plays is on typical federal workplace and commercial/ civil litigation cases. The instructor is a Virginia Certified Mentor Mediator with extensive experience in instructing up-coming mediators. Prerequisite: Mediation Skills and Process or an equivalent 20 hour basic mediation training September 26-27      More information      Register