NVMS was founded by graduate students from George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution in 1990. The organization, then known as Northern Virginia Mediation Service, was initially intended as a laboratory to provide Conflict Resolution students an opportunity to apply their skills to benefit the local community.

From the very beginning, NVMS was created on the principles of community building, self-determination, and collaborative problem-solving and they continue to inform our work today.

Over the years, NVMS has gradually expanded from not only working with families and neighbors, but also collaborating with local governments, other non-profits organizations, federal agencies, and area businesses.  With a dedicated staff and a team of experienced, certified practitioners, we deliver a broad range of programs and services to Northern Virginia and beyond.

We tailor all of our services to meet the specific needs of members of our community. It remains our mission to enhance communication and help our clients achieve lasting outcomes, even in the midst of adversity.

Our Mission

Assist individuals, groups, and organizations to move forward and create positive outcomes.


To be the premier professional resource for individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to clarify interests, bridge gaps, gain agreements, and build people and process skills.


We are dedicated to identifying and meeting client needs by providing quality, professional, and accessible, cost-effective services.

We seek to expand each individual’s capacity to exercise freedom of choice and action through education, information sharing,
and other appropriate processes.

We support innovative thinking, which creates opportunities and outcomes for the community we serve, while cultivating
an environment of community learning and collaboration.

We celebrate and value diversity of thought and practice grounded in race, ethnicity, culture, and other differences.
We aspire to be inclusive and representative of the communities we serve.

We focus on long-term continuity in the services we provide, the relationships we develop, and the communities we serve.
We will meet present needs and assure long-term viability.

Our Team

Clients & Affiliates


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