A starting point for Success

Assessment is the first phase in an effective engagement to address issues of performance involving individual participation, underperforming teams, lack of cohesion, difficulty in communicating, misunderstandings that have led to disruptive outcomes and in cases of major conflict where disputing parties have reached an impasse.

They help us gain an informed view of the situation and provide specific information for addressing issues of concern for individuals and teams looking to:

  • increase communication
  • prevent and manage workplace disputes
  • resolve major conflicts
  • improve performance
During the Assessment process we:
  • Collect information about the history and context of the situation (often through surveys, interviews, focus groups)
  • Get a clear view of the larger structural system, organizational culture and relationship dynamics
  • Identify the values and interests of those involved
  • Isolate underlying themes, including key sources of current or potential conflict and major areas of opportunity for improvement
  • Develop an assessment summary that will enhance your understanding of the perspectives of those involved and provide recommendations for processes to address the underlying issues.
From start to next step:

Our recommendations may include one specific process such as mediation or individual performance coaching — or a blended approach that could include building awareness through skills training and facilitating discussions to restore relationships and foster a productive work environment.


Skill Development



NVMS practitioners have the expertise to support your organization by implementing recommended processes and giving you and your team the tools and skills necessary to move forward.

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