Get Involved with the new NVMS Community of Practice!

NVMS has had a long standing tradition of organizing events through which mediators could network, get to know each other, and complete recertification requirements under the Monday Night Forum program. 2018 will continue this tradition with an increased focus on bringing conflict resolution practitioners together as a Community of Practice (COP). The goals are to: Provide a safe, respectful, and positive environment for members to exchange ideas and problem solve challenges they encounter in their practice. Build a network of peers and experts in the field that can serve as a resource…. Read More

April 24 – Check Your Bias: Mediator Perceptions

Speakers: Izabela Solosi and Courtney Burkey Time: 7:30-9pm (7-7:30pm – networking) CME: 1.5 General/Family (pending) Cost: FREE Description This interactive program will engage participants in considering how their perceptions of the parties, often based on partial knowledge, may influence their performance as mediators. The presenters will use activities to open up the conversation and guide participants in reflecting on their own experiences and how they have handled their bias. For example, in court, what assumptions might a mediator be making about the people he or she working with based on their gender, race,… Read More

October 24: Self-Reflection – A Necessary Practice (FREE)

Speaker: Mohamed Shehab El Din Time: 7:30-9pm (7-7:30pm – networking) CME: 1.5 General (pending) Cost: FREE Description During the process of resolving a conflict, whether during direct negotiation or mediation, it is possible to lose sight of the real interests. This happens due to distractions by different emotions and psychological elements that affect parties through the process. It can contribute to irrational behavior that might result in an impasse or an imperfect resolution. Mediators are not immune from these distractions. To understand the source of such behavior, it is important to maintain a… Read More

August 29: Dealing with Roadblocks and Impasse: Theory & Practice of Moving Through & Beyond

Speaker: John Settle Time: 7:30-9pm (7-7:30pm – networking) CME: 1.5 General or Family (approved) Cost: $25 NVMS Members/ $35 General Public   Program Description: This session will explore how mediators look within ourselves when facing hurdles, as well as ways we can enable parties to take a fresh look at what has them stuck.  Come prepared with your stories of what works (and what doesn’t).  Instructor will provide a handout containing 85+ tips and techniques that help with impasse.” Learning Objectives: (1) Tips and techniques on overcoming roadblocks and impasse (2) Learning theories… Read More

June 27: Get It in Writing – Scrivener Skills for Mediators

Speaker: Ken Rosenbaum Time: 7:30-9pm (7-7:30pm – networking) CME: 1.5 General  Cost: $25 NVMS Members/ $35 General Public Program Description: If you have ever wondered if you could be helping parties write better, clearer agreements, come to the June Monday Night Forum. Discover the pitfalls of “The Curse of Knowledge” and “Uncritical Inference”. Recognize the traps lurking in pronouns and time words. Learn some tips to make you a better scrivener. About the Speaker: Ken Rosenbaum is Virginia-certified mediator. His experience as a scrivener and drafter began with a stint as a… Read More