Community of Practice


NVMS has had a long-standing tradition of organizing events through which mediators could network, get to know each other, and complete recertification requirements. The  Community of Practice continues this tradition with an increased focus on:

  • Providing a safe, respectful, and positive environment for members to exchange ideas and problem solve the challenges they encounter in their practice.
  • Building a network of peers and experts in the field that can serve as a resource.
  • Exploring and sharing best practices, models, tools, and theories that enhance subject matter knowledge and practical approaches.
  • Enhancing reflective practice and refining skills with challenge sessions on fundamental and advanced topics.


RESCHEDULED for September 30 – 7-9pm
Working Effectively with Language Barriers and Interpreters
Facilitator: Dylan Bates, NVMS Community Mediation Manager
CME: 1.5

This will be a practice-based session for NVMS practitioners to gain experience in working through cases with language barriers and cultural differences. The session will start with a discussion of cultural awareness and language barriers, and continue with practitioners working in groups on specific scenarios covering areas such as class/social status, disabilities, assessing for appropriateness, family interventions, body language, phrasing and connotation etc.

In the second half of the session, practitioners will move into Peer Consultation-style discussions of personal experiences focusing on working with interpreters, clients from different countries, and critical moments involving implicit bias.

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August 26 – 7-9pm
Interfaith Perspectives on Conflict Resolution
Panel: Panelists TBA
CME: 1.5
Cost: $15
Description: TBA

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