Court Certification

Pursuing certification is a worthwhile process for those looking to break into the field or advancing their existing careers by increasing their credibility, gaining experience and developing their professional network.

As a Virginia state certified mediator you will have completed one of the most rigorous certification processes in the country. Requirements involve intensive skill-building training as well as an in-depth apprenticeship in which participants have the opportunity to work with experienced mentor mediators and gain real-case experience.

The Virginia Court Mediator certification is a state-wide certification and it allows the mediator to accept court-referred cases from any court within the state. States have individual standards and requirements. For more information please see US Mediation Certification Standards.

Certification Levels and Requirements

Civil Track (landlord/tenant, contract, debt, business-to-business, neighborhood, etc.):

General District Court (GDC): amount in dispute is $25,000 or less
Circuit Court Civil (CCC): amount in dispute is over $25,000

Family Track (divorce/separation):

Juvenile and Domestic Relations (J&DR): custody, visitation, co-parenting, child and spousal support
Circuit Court Civil (CCF): custody, visitation, co-parenting, child and spousal support and division of property and assets






CCC JDR CCF Dates offered


BA or equivalent work experience


Mediation Skills and Process

Jul. 12-14,
Sept. 6-8,

19 (0.5)

Domestic Violence Assessment

Jun. 22


Family Mediation Skills

Jun. 8-10 


Resolving Economic Issues in Divorce

Aug. 11-12


Facilitation and Group Consensus Building

Mar. 29-30,
Oct. 25-26

Mediating Complex and Multiparty Civil Cases

Sept. 15


Preparing Memoranda and Agreements

Jul. 28

3 (1)

Orientation to the Virginia Judicial System
(waived for members of the Virginia Bar)

Apr. 21,
Nov. 17


2 Observations in court OR Mediation Practicum: Federal and Commercial Role-Play (training)

Apr. 26-27,
Sept. 26-27
Observations – on-going

JDR and Circuit Court Family Observation (training) OR 2 observations

Jul. 20-21
Observations – not available


Minimum of 3 cases        
Minimum of 5 hours
One written agreement


Minimum of 5 cases
Minimum of 10 hours
One written agreement
One child support worksheet


Total Program Cost

$1,610 – $1,955

$2,015  $3,295 $3,740  

Maintaining Certification

Required every two years. Deadline October 31.

Must complete the following:

  • 6 hours of General or Family CME advanced training
  • 2 hours of Ethics training
  • 5 mediations or 15 hours (whichever comes first)

Most advanced courses at NVMS carry General and/or Family CME credits. Suggested courses:

  • Mediator Graduate School (6 General and 2 Ethics – completes all training requirements for civil)
  • Advanced mediation course + Virginia Mediator Ethics
  • Monday Night Forums (4) + Virginia Mediator Ethics

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