Mediation for Parents, Couples, and Families 

Parents, couples, and families face critical moments and challenges that impact their relationships. We are here to help you have conversations with your loved ones about these issues and find a constructive way to move forward.  Our Supreme Court certified mediators are experts in helping parties develop lasting agreements focused on the future, instead of the past.

Mediation: Voluntary, Confidential, Neutral

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process that is quickly becoming a common method of resolving disputes. Neutral mediators create a safe environment for participants to talk freely about what is important to them and make informed decisions. Mediators help identify issues and work toward finding mutually agreeable solutions.

How It Works

Step 1. Intake
Brief individual phone interviews are conducted to determine the parties’ issues and availability. This information will be used to assign an appropriate mediator to your case and provide background information to the mediator before the first session.

Step 2. Scheduling
Once the intake is completed with both parties, the intake specialist will assign a certified family mediator to your case. All scheduling will be done through email. Once a mediation session has been scheduled, both parties will receive a confirmation.

Step 3. Mediation Session
During the first session each party will have the opportunity to share their point of view without interruption. The mediator will help the parties identify issues that need to be discussed and brainstorm possible solutions. No party will be coerced into an agreement. Mediators will keep the sessions structured, allowing parties to participate in good faith, and keeping them focused on reaching mutually agreeable outcomes.

Step 4. Outcomes
If parties come to a final agreement, the mediator can draft a document for the parties, which should be reviewed by an attorney prior to signing to ensure that nothing in the agreement violates  their legal rights.

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 “I want to thank everyone at NVMS for all your assistance and kindness, and in particular, our mediator… I’m so grateful for her patience and understanding, and for making the process clear, stress-free, and manageable. ” – NVMS Client

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