Getting Started

Starting out in a new field can be daunting. Here are some resources that past participants have found helpful in deciding next steps.

Careers in Mediation 

There is no single or simple path to becoming a mediator. Careers often combine mediation practice, training, and program design in the arenas of government agencies, courts, nonprofits, schools, and private practices. Many of those with successful careers in mediation and conflict resolution have applied a variety of strategies to get there. In this lively and interactive program, a panel of conflict resolution professionals will share their own career paths and give their candid recommendations for success. Participants will have ample opportunities to ask questions and gain helpful insights.

The forum is led by a panel of experienced mediators with knowledge of developing independent practices and finding employment in the conflict resolution world.

See our How to Market Your Mediation Practice video for additional advice on how to begin building a career as a practitioner in the mediation field.

Community of Practice (COP) Events
COP events are interactive sessions that provide mediators and conflict resolution practitioners with a safe, respectful, and positive environment to:
  • Build a network of peers and experts in the field that can serve as a resource;
  • Exchange ideas and problem solve challenges they encounter in their practice;
  • Explore and share best practices, models, tools, and theories that enhance subject matter knowledge and practical approaches; and
  • Enhance their reflective practice and refine skills with challenge sessions on fundamental and advanced topics.

COP Events may carry Continuing Mediator Education (CME) and/or Continuing Legal Education credits. For upcoming sessions click here.

Generally held on the last Monday of the month
$15 General Admission

Interview a Practitioner

Can’t make the Careers in Mediation Forum or perhaps you have additional questions you’d like answered? Our mediators are happy to talk about their experiences over a good cup of coffee. Contact us at for additional information and scheduling.

Useful Articles

James Melamed  So, You Want to be a Mediator?
Topic: Things to consider before becoming a mediator.

Forrest S. Mosten  Mediation Career Guide
Topic: An excerpt from Mosten’s book which gives a step by step guide to creating a career in Mediation.

Zena Zumeta  Styles of Mediation: Facilitative, Evaluative, and Transformative Mediation
Topic: The different subsets of mediation and the importance of understanding the pros and cons of each.

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