In 1990, a group of Graduate students from George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution started an organization to apply the skills accrued through their educational and experiential journeys. Beginning as a mediation clinic and affiliate of the GMU S-CAR program, the organization became known as the Northern Virginia Mediation Service (NVMS). Today we are the NVMS Conflict Resolution Center. For more than 30 years, NVMS has served as a laboratory for delivering high-quality conflict resolution services and training to Northern Virginia (NoVA).

Our vision is to be a premier provider of conflict resolution services to individuals, groups, and organizations in the region. We seek to help our community navigate conflicts constructively, build stronger relationships, and save valuable time and resources.

From the very beginning, NVMS was created on the principles of community building, self-determination, and collaborative problem-solving. They continue to inform our work today.

Over the years NVMS expanded from working with families and neighbors to collaborating with local governments, other non-profits organizations, federal agencies, and area businesses.

Our Values

Innovation: We use creativity to develop and apply new ideas that keep us up to date with the needs of Northern Virginia.

Empowerment: We support individuals in making more informed choices to deal with life events and challenges.

Inclusion: We are inclusive and representative of the communities and clients we serve.

Integrity: We follow through on our commitments and approach our clients and partners with honesty and authenticity.

Community Connection: We partner with organizations and individuals to ensure our approach is aligned with community and client needs.

Our Position

NVMS Conflict Resolution Center provides our clients (individuals, organizations, and communities) with the broadest array of communication and conflict management services of any other organization in the Northern Virginia. We help clients reach their best outcomes with a range of services and programs:

Our programs are offered to individuals who meet certain requirements for participation. Such programs include The Bleiweis Community Education Initiative (BCEI), The Shearouse Fellows Program, Court-Ordered Mediations for Child Support, Co-parenting Seminars, Alternative Accountability Program (AAP), and Civil Court.

The services we provide are open to the public and are delivered with a fee-for-service model. Our services include On and Off-Site Training, Community of Practice (CoP), Self-Referred Family Mediation, Group Facilitation, Self-Referred Community Mediation, and Restorative Justice (RJ).

Our Team

Letter from Board President and Executive Director – 2017

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