Child Support Mediation

Court-Ordered Mediation for Child Support

NVMS receives funding from the Consolidated Community Funding Pool to provide mediation services to clients (with a child support case through the Fairfax Division of Child Support Enforcement) who are ordered by the Fairfax Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court to complete the mediation process.

The Fairfax Division of Child Support Enforcement identifies clients whose cases are appropriate for mediation and sends the referrals to the Fairfax J&DR Court. Fairfax J&DR then officially orders the clients to complete mediation through NVMS.

This program is NOT open to clients who call in as self-referrals. All clients must be directly ordered by Fairfax J&DR Court to complete mediation. Clients do not pay for these services.

Mediation sessions are scheduled by the Family Programs Manager, and take place in the NVMS office during normal business hours.

The goal of mediating these cases is to have parents agree on a new or updated child support agreement, which is reflected in writing using the Mediation Support Agreement template provided by the Virginia Supreme Court. Any drafted agreements are then sent on to the Division of Child Support Enforcement for approval. If approved, the agreements are then sent on to the Fairfax J&DR Court for the judge’s final approval/signature.

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