Office trouble is often fueled by poor communication, interpersonal issues and lack of teamwork. Through mediation, we can help you resolve disputes, improve collaboration among staff, and build a more productive and harmonious work environment.


Mediation is a confidential and flexible process that allows all sides to express their concerns while hearing others’ points of view. Neutral mediators facilitate communication by clarifying issues and interests. Through this process the mediator enhances information-sharing among the participants and promotes mutual respect.


Mediators manage communication and group dynamics. Their goal is to create a comfortable environment in which participants can focus on working towards collaborative, sustainable solutions. Throughout the process, parties remain in complete control of decision-making. No agreements are reached unless everyone is satisfied with the terms.


Mediation is an inexpensive process that allows you and your organization to move forward without wasting your resources. It presents participants with opportunities to repair and strengthen relationships, rebuild trust and develop skills that will help them prevent and manage conflict in the future.

Mediation works for most situations:

  • Supervisor/employee conflicts
  • Employee/employee conflicts
  • Complex and multi-party disputes
  • Contract disputes between organizations
  • Communication breakdowns
  • EEO cases (informal and formal)

It provides an established process for:

  • Participants to gain a shared understanding of their own interests and the perspectives of others
  • Effective communication that leads to sustainable resolution
  • Improving future interactions and working relationships
  • Participants to make their own decisions
  • Spend less time and resources than in litigation, saving you money both in the short and the long run
  • Smoothing over administrative functions
  • Providing excellent client service
How It Works

Initial Assessment
Our team will conduct short, confidential, over the phone interviews with all individual parties involved in the dispute in order to gather information about the issues to be discussed.

Assigning a Mediator
Based on the information gathered in the assessment process, we will identify the appropriate mediator to take the case. Selection criteria includes mediator experience and background.

Mediations are typically scheduled a week in advance and take place during business hours (9am-5pm), Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend sessions can also be scheduled upon request.

We recommend that sessions be scheduled in two or four hour time blocks. Follow-up sessions can be scheduled if necessary.

Our Team

NVMS has been providing mediation services for over 25 years. Our mediators are certified through the Supreme Court of Virginia and regularly participate in advanced training. They come from a variety of backgrounds and have extensive experience working with federal and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

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