NVMS can help bring family members together to resolve various challenges that may arise. In mediation, family members voice their concerns and work to resolve them in a constructive, confidential environment. Mediators encourage open communication and assist participants in finding new ways to address issues in the future.

Effective Communication — Preserving Relationships 
Frequent intra-family issues:

Different styles of parenting can raise concerns between spouses or partners. For example, what religion should the children be raised, which educational institution should they attend, or to what neighborhood should we move? With the help of our impartial mediators, you and your partner can have a productive discussion around these vital issues and find a parenting approach that is just right for your family.

Let’s face it: parents and teenagers tend to have different values and priorities in life, and talking through these differences is no easy task. The absence of a healthy rapport can cause a real strain on the relationship between parents and their children. Parent/teen mediation promotes good communication about issues like peer relations, curfews, car privileges, or other topics that you are important to you as a parent or a teenager.

Adult Siblings
Conflict among siblings is a fact of life at any age. Even as adults, it can be a challenge to talk and listen to your siblings, especially during emotionally-charged situations like caring for an aging parent or making tough decisions in a family business. Whether it is for a complex relational dispute, or for a simple family meeting to sort out logistics, our mediators are here to help take steps towards resolution and agreement.

Blended Families
The change in normalcy that arises from blending families will inevitably cause some conflicts while family members adjust to the new family structure. Healthy and productive communication is essential in helping everyone move forward through this transitional time. Through the mediation process we can help you combine your household, figure out the best way to acclimate children to new surroundings, or generally create a plan for this new chapter in your families’ lives.

Financial Decision-Making
Financial matters tend the blur the line between familial relationships and business decisions. Issues such including bankruptcy, ownership of a family business, or estate planning can all cause tension between family members. Our mediators can guide you and members of your family towards clear and concise agreements on how to deal with finances now and in the future, all while preserving your relationships.

Elder Decision-Making
We understand the challenges and stress that may arise with aging family members. Families sometimes find themselves in conflict over the decisions regarding health care concerns, living arrangements, medical treatment, and end-of-life decisions. Our mediators are here to help families have constructive, respectful conversations about these topics through training, personal coaching and mediation services.

“Even though our issues were not at all contentious, it was still a difficult and emotional time, and our mediator was such a kind and steadying presence.” – NVMS Client

We’re here to help. 

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