Leaders Managing Conflict

The Leaders Managing Conflict Certificate is a series of courses designed for individuals who plan to or already lead individuals, teams, or projects. Participants will learn to be more adept at identifying conflicts as they arise, to address tensions before they escalate, and to forge stronger team relationships to prevent future issues.

Who should attend?
Individuals in supervisory positions at all levels in the workplace or community groups.

Conflict Resolution Basics is a prerequisite for all other courses. The rest of the courses can be completed in any order. Certificates must be completed within two years of initial enrollment.


Conflict Resolution FundamentalsTBA 2021$875Online
Managing Difficult Conversations for SupervisorsTBA 2021$450Online
Building Trust and Overcoming DistrustTBA 2021$265Online
Civility in the WorkplaceTBA 2021$450Online
Coaching Practices for ManagersTBA 2021$450Online
Solution Focused Problem SolvingOct. 19-20, 2020$450Online
Negotiation SkillsTBA$450Online
Total Cost$3,390

Program Instructors
Program instructors bring extensive experience in conflict resolution and they combine theory and practice to create an engaging learning experience.

Tracey Pilkerton Cairnie, MA, PCC is a court-certified mentor mediator, ICF certified coach, facilitator, and trainer. She specializes in relationship and group dynamics, as well as management and leadership optimization, and she mediates resolutions and provides coaching to individuals and teams.

James Q. Pope, MSW, JD is an attorney, mediator, and consultant in conflict management and subjects related to workplace conflict, employee relations, civil disputes, and divorce.

Daniel Rainey is a mediator, facilitator and trainer. He is a pioneer in the field of online dispute resolution (ODR) and a recipient of the Mary Parker Follett Award for innovation in dispute resolution.

John (Norval) Settle, MPA, JD has over twenty years of experience as a mentor mediator, trainer and facilitator. He mediates for a number of federal agencies, including the EEOC, and specializes in conflict management and negotiation training.

Nathalie Thompson, MA is a certified mentor mediator, coach, trainer and professional facilitator. Her expertise includes leadership development, conflict coaching, team coaching, conflict prevention and resolution, and restoring working relationships.

Michael West, MS has over twenty-five years of mediation and training experience. Mr. West specializes in training and coaching for senior executives, managers, supervisors, and employees of all levels in dispute management and resolution, leadership, management skills, team-building, communication, and relationship awareness skills. 

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