Mediator Scheduling

Welcome to the Mediator Scheduler!

You may sign up for as many Monday’s as you would like available for the requested registration month only. When you select a Monday, you are alerting us that you are free to receive a case by Wednesday of that week and that you commit to scheduling/completing your mediation with the parties by Wednesday of the following week.

Note: The number of cases are limited at this time due to 1) smaller dockets in Court, 2) lack of valid contact information for parties, and 3) only a few cases (with contact information) want to move forward with mediation. This seems to be a statewide issue as a result of COVID-19. Though some details are still in the works, we will try to provide as many mediators as possible opportunities to mediate. *Registration does not guarantee a case; you will only receive a case assignment if there is one to move forward.

Please click the link below to sign up. Once you have selected a Monday/10-day window, click the shift time (9am) and a new screen will open for you to complete your contact information and submit the request.

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