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Select the court you would like to mediate in and view available dates. Once you have picked a date, click the shift time and it will ask for your contact information. Fill out your information and submit the request. You will then be confirmed on that date for mediation.

Please note: Availability’s are based on predicted mediator needs. If you would like to be added as an extra to a day please select the option for “Additional Mediator”


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Mediators can use this link to access any of the below schedule openings.

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Please Note: You will need to verify your email address to access booking information.

Individual Court Links

Fairfax Court

Fairfax – General District Court

Fairfax – Small Claims

            *Fairfax Small Claims – Additional Mediator

Fairfax – Landlord/Tenant


Loudoun Court

Loudoun – General District Court

Loudoun – Small Claims


Arlington Court

Arlington – Small Claims

            *Arlington Small Claims – Additional Mediator


City of Falls Church Court

City of Falls Church – Small Claims

*These slots are for mediators who would like to be added on to the end of a regular schedule of mediators. I,e. 6th mediator for Fairfax or 3rd mediator for Arlington.

Mentor Mediators

Fairfax Dates

Arlington Dates

Loudoun Dates