For over 25 years, more than 10,000 individuals have relied on our specialized training to enhance their capacity to manage conflict, their leadership skills and to advance their careers. Our certificate programs are recognized nation-wide and internationally by government agencies, non-profit organizations and corporations.

Our training is designed with the adult learner in mind – combining theory, observation, experiential exercises and practice opportunities for meaningful and enduring learning. Our instructors have relevant professional training and advanced degrees in law, conflict resolution, counseling, education, and other fields.

Certificate Tracks

Federal Workplace Mediation

Purpose: To prepare participants to address workplace conflict between co-workers, managers/employees, EEO complaints, etc.

Competencies: conflict management, continual learning, creative thinking, customer service, decision-making, decision support, employee relations, negotiation, interpersonal skills, listening, leadership, oral communication, problem solving, resilience.

Audience: federal employees, managers, HR specialists, EEO specialists, contractors looking to mediate within government agencies

Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution

Purpose: To prepare participants to work within organizations as a conflict resolution practitioner

Competencies: client engagement/ change management, conflict management, continual learning, creative thinking, customer service, decision-making, decision support, developing others, employee relations, flexibility, negotiation, interpersonal skills, leadership, listening, oral communication, problem solving, resilience, stakeholder management.

Audience: individuals who wish to become conflict resolution practitioners and assist organizations in managing change, understanding and addressing missing needs, resolving conflict, increasing efficiency and performance.

Family Mediation

Purpose: To prepare participants to mediate and resolve complex matters within families and between family members and assist with divorce and separation proceedings.

Competencies: customer service, negotiation, interpersonal skills, listening, oral communication, problem solving, decision-making, decision support, creative thinking, conflict management.

Audience: Individuals who wish to practice mediation and facilitation in cases involving issues between family members and separating couples.

• = Required
♦ = Electives (choose at least 4)

Course Federal Workplace  Organizational Development  Family Mediation Dates offered
Mediation Skills and Process

Dec. 7-9
Feb. 22-24,
Apr. 5-7,
May 18-20,
Sept. 6-8,
Nov. 1-3
ADR: Beyond Mediation

Jun. 2
Art of Questions

April 28, October 17, 2017
Civility in the Workplace

Sept. 18
Considering Cultural Issues in Mediation

Mar. 14,
Sept. 12
Domestic Violence Assessment

June 19, 2017
Dealing with High Emotion Conflicts

May 25, 2017
Facilitation and Group Consensus Building

Mar. 29-30,
Oct. 25-26
Family Mediation Skills

June 8-10
How We Think: Hidden Barriers to Conflict Resolution

March 16,
August 31
Intuitive Reasoning

Aug. 24
JDR and Circuit Court Family Observation

TBA 2017
Mediating Complex and Multiparty Civil Cases

Sept. 15
Mediating EEO and Workplace Disputes

May 4,
Sept. 14
Mediation Practicum: Federal and Commercial Role-Play

Apr. 26-27,
Sept. 26-27
Negotiation Skills

Apr. 19,
Sept. 19
Powerful Coaching

June 23, 2017
Preparing Memoranda and Agreements

July 28,  2017
SDI for ADR Practitioners

Mar. 23
Solution Focused Problem Solving

Sept. 22
Resolving Economic Issues in Divorce

TBA 2017
Total Program Cost
(varies with electives)
$2,900-$4,400 $2,900-$4,400 $3,300-$4,500

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