Request for Training Records

At the completion of each training and your mentorship you will receive the appropriate documentation for your records. You are responsible for maintaining these records. Should you require additional copies, please see below for details.

Certificates of Completion and ADR Forms
Request to re-issue Certificates of Completion and/or ADR Forms will be accommodate as follows:

  • Format: electronic (PDF) only.
  • Delivery method: email.
  • Fee: $10 per document.
  • Turnaround: 2 business days.
  • Apprenticeship forms (observations and co-mediations) cannot be re-issued.

Course Materials
Request to purchase an up-to-date copy of a training manual will be accommodate as follows:

  • Format: print only.
  • Delivery method: USPS Ground.
  • Fee: $25 per manual.
  • Turnaround: 14 calendar days.

Complete Training Records
Requests for complete training records showing all course work completed with NVMS will be accommodate as follows:

  • Format: electronic (PDF) only.
  • Delivery method: email.
  • Fee: No fee for participants who are actively enrolled in a program or have take classes on the past 5 years; $10 for records exceeding 5 years.
  • Turnaround: 5 business days.
Training Records Request