Which Service is Right for You?

NVMS Conflict Resolution Center offers a variety of services to meet your needs. Select from the options below and follow the steps to get started.


 “I want to thank everyone at NVMS for all your assistance and kindness, and in particular, our mediator… I’m so grateful for her patience and understanding, and for making the process clear, stress-free, and manageable. ” – NVMS Mediation Client

Mediation can be used to resolve almost any issue. Even yours!

Mediation is a collaborative process for resolving disputes. Conflicting parties are assisted by a neutral third party (the mediator) in finding mutually agreeable solutions. We offer mediation in the areas listed below, follow the link that’s right for you to determine your next steps.


Skilled facilitators can make all the difference to help groups reach consensus and find a way forward. Our facilitators provide expertise in creating an open environment for challenging conversations, managing strong emotions, collaborative problem – solving processes, and restoring team dynamics. Find out if our Facilitation Services are right for you.


Our interactive trainings are designed to help the members of your team manage their relationships and the conflicts that might arise more effectively. Some of the topics we cover include, how to manage difficult conversations, strategies for giving effective feedback, and group consensus building. These trainings are tailored to your team’s needs and delivered at the location of your choice. Find more information here: Team Training

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a facilitated dialogue between  people harmed by an incident and those suspected of causing the harm. The dialogue takes place in a circle with a trained Restorative Justice facilitator guiding the conversation. Anyone who might have been involved or directly impacted by an incident can be invited to participate. Participants may include family members, friends, peers, teachers, school administrators, store owners, or property owners. The process allows everyone to voice their perspective and to agree on what must be done to repair the harm. Click for more information about our Restorative Justice services.