Since 1990, we have provided critical services to local communities, regardless of ability to pay, thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Your help is critical to those we serve as they conquer challenges and move toward a better future. Your generous contributions allow us to offer free services and reduced rates to low-income individuals, families and at-risk youth in Northern Virginia and the greater Washington, DC region.

NVMS will endure to address tomorrow’s challenges due to the commitment of the many individuals who support our mission today.  You can join the ranks of those who stand up for peaceable interactions in families, schools and communities by contributing to NVMS.

For information on the valuable programs in need of your financial support, please see the 2015 Annual Report. For information on giving levels, visit NVMS’ Giving Societies and Donor Benefits page.

Ways you can help:

Donate to NVMS via

BIA Seal 1 - largeCredit Card

Check (made out to NVMS)

Stock (please contact Executive Director for details)

Workplace Giving (CFC #46139 & Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign #739)

If you provide mediation, facilitation or training services through NVMS you may make an in-kind contribution by contacting the staff.

Planned Giving: Consider making a bequest to NVMS. Please contact the Executive Director at (703) 865-7260 or for more information.




NVMS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Monetary contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

Thank you to our 2016 donors:

Cornerstone Society

Participant Level:  R. Walden  •  E. Assur  •  E. Mast  •  J. Morelli  •  K. Burns  •  R. Kostick Reynolds  •  S. Pessaud  •  R. Cocozza  •  A. Pizzi  •  B. Van Nuys  •  E. Maland  •  J. Dillard  •  R. Kimble  •  P. Wiessner  •  J. Packer  •  F. Blechman  •  M. Rowan-Ardura  •  J. Twomey  •  W. Casey  •  A. Warshauer  •  M. Schoeny  •  Y. Mrabet  •  L. Stevens  •  R. Scott  •  M. McGoldrick  •  V. Shteir-Dunn  •  S. Shearouse  •  B. Jacewicz  •  M. Cooper

Keystone Level:  M. Johnston  •  C. Whitman  •  J. Pope  •  J. Meditz  •  E. Bissell  •  E. Dubester

Leadership Level:  R. Williams  •  L. Hall  •  M. Bleiweis  •  S. Jackson  •  N. Colfax  •  A. MacInnes

Conflict Resolution Society

Friend Level:  K. Dillon  •  D. Rainey  •  B. Engelbert  •  The Wolf Run Foundation  •  R. Jones Toll

Facilitator Level:  S. Corey

Community Builder:  Anonymous

Thank you to our 2015 donors:

R. Jones Toll  •  K. Dillon  •  D. Rainey  •  B. Engelbert  •  M. Bleiweis  •  The Mary Irene Pierpont Trust  •  Anonymous  •  Wolf Run Foundation  •  D. Michael  •  C. Whitman  •  A. MacInnes  •  Y. Mrabet  •    G. Drucker  •  G. Kadonoff  •  R. Harris  •  A. Leighton  •  T. Monez  •  M. Rowan-Ardura  •  R. Wynder  •  M.E. Lynch  •  C. Artz  •  L. Stevens  •  A. Jadallah  •  A. Pizzi  •  A. Moore (Rioux)  •  K. Burns  •  J. Meditz  •  N. Colfax  •  L. Tag  •  E. Assur  •  J. Packer  •  M. Schoeny  •  T. Colosi & S. Shearouse  •  A. Warshauer  •  V. Shteir-Dunn  •  C. Ramsay  •  M. McGoldrick  •  R. & S. Neilsen  •  B. Van Nuys  •  P. Wiessner  •  R. Buck  •  J. & D. Twomey  •  C. Allgaier  •   J. Pope  •  M. Johnston  •  R. Williams  •  J. Settle  •  E. Dubester  •  S. Walden