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How we approach conflict and go about preventing it from happening in the first place can make all the difference between negative, destructive results or positive, productive ones. Conflict resolution skills are invaluable in our personal lives, at work and in our communities. They give us the power to make a choice about our own behavior, the insight to better control difficult interactions with others and the ability to act as a neutral third party in assisting others in resolving their disputes.

Conflict can be managed and used productively.

Your spouse or children will not always see eye to eye with you or with each other. You and your co-worker down the hall will have different ideas on how to implement a project. It’s inevitable. Having the skills to confidently hold difficult conversations, disagree constructively, communicate effectively and manage conflict is one of the biggest assets for individuals and businesses.

Our training is designed to engage you and teach you fundamental skills in dealing with conflict, improving communication to promote healthy personal and working relationships. The skills we teach you will enhance any position you hold now and in your future career.

Conflict resolution skills are highly valued by employers. Through our programs, your confidence will grow as you learn the skills to identify, prevent and resolve conflicts before they negatively impact your organization and your own life.

Programs At-A-Glance

NVMS has been designing and delivering intensive skill-based workshops on collaborative practices since 1990. Our instructors average 20 years of experience working with individuals to resolve conflicts in a variety of settings. They understand conflict resolution processes and the role of interveners. Past participants in our programs have been able to apply their conflict resolution skills in their positions as students, teachers, social workers, EEO managers/specialists, HR managers/specialists, current and former federal employees, active military, attorneys, psychologists, judges, etc.

Full Program or Individual Classes

Courses can be taken as part of a certificate program or on a individual basis.

NVMS Certificates Court Certification (VA)
Areas of Focus

Federal Workplace Mediation

Organizational Development
& Conflict Resolution

General District Court (GDC)

Juvenile & Domestic  Relations (JDR)

Circuit Court Family (CCF)

Program Structure Skill-based training Skill-based training and  mentorship
Jurisdiction / Recognition Nation-wide State of Virginia
Time frame to Complete 1 year
(Must complete in 5 years.)
9 months – 1 year
(Must complete in 2 years.)
Cost (calculated at early registration rate) Federal Workplace Mediation – $4,620 – $5,285

Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution – $5,640 – $6,055

Cost varies depending on the electives taken.

GDC – $1,935

JDR – $3,695

CCF – $4,190

Use Resume builder, recognized nation-wide, transferable Ability to accept court- referred cases in the state of Virginia, transferable to a degree
Who Should Attend Federal employees
HR Specialists
EEO Specialists

Those looking to become certified mediators
Those who wish to work with the Courts in Virginia

Recertification None Every 2 years
(Advanced training)

Bachelor Degree or equivalent work experience required to begin.

After the Training – Advanced Courses

Practitioners who have completed basic training may continue to develop their knowledge and skills and earn Continuing Mediator Education (CME) and Mandatory Legal Education (MCLE) credits through our advanced courses.

Community of Practice (COP) – Peer-to-Peer Shared Learning 

Monthly interactive sessions that provide mediators and conflict resolution practitioners with a safe, respectful, and positive environment to:

  • Build a network of peers and experts in the field that can serve as a resource;
  • Exchange ideas and problem solve challenges they encounter in their practice;
  • Explore and share best practices, models, tools, and theories that enhance subject matter knowledge and practical approaches; and
  • Enhance their reflective practice and refine skills with challenge sessions on fundamental and advanced topics.

When: Last Monday evening of select months, 6:30-8pm (Full schedule)
Note: Select sessions are certified for CME and/or CLE credits.


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