Why We Do What We Do

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Conflict is inevitable and the cost of unmanaged conflict can be high.

NVMS is a 501(c)(3) conflict resolution center serving Northern Virginia. Our primary purpose is to give our clients the tools to manage conflict as it occurs and help facilitate successful resolution when it occurs.

The fact is, conflict is an inevitable part of daily life and the cost of conflict can be measured against its time, money, emotional and physical impacts. The cost of unmanaged or mismanaged conflict can manifest at work in lost productivity and employee turnover; at home in contentious relationships and affect on children; and, in the community between angry neighbors or social unrest. 

Another fact is, a world without conflict is stagnant and unproductive. Well managed conflict has repeatedly moved individuals, groups and even entire societies toward their best possible outcomes. 

Where do you experience conflict? Wherever it is, let NVMS help you achieve your best outcome!