General District Court Mediation

Mediation –

the more flexible alternative to litigation.

NVMS receives funding from the Virginia Supreme Court to ensure that mediation is available at the General District Court level as an alternative to the traditional judicial process. Our mediators are certified by the VA Supreme Court and are available in:

These mediation services are offered at no cost to parties who are present in court and agree to try this approach. It is a voluntary and confidential alternative to litigation. Our mediation program allows parties to have more control, flexibility, and creativity in resolving disputes. Parties choose the outcome of their cases rather than the Judge deciding for them.

Parties have the flexibility to negotiate for their own best outcome, including money, goods, services, or adjusted timelines for payment.

Dealing with disputes and navigating the court system can be difficult. Our program eases this stress. NVMS has been helping clients resolve civil disputes in the local courts for more than 25 years.

Mediation Process:

Mediators are present in court. Parties have the option to request services directly from the mediator or from the Judge during his/her initial docket call. Mediation is a voluntary process, so all parties must agree to participate.

Mediation sessions are conducted at the court house on the same day. If parties reach an agreement that meets everyone’s needs, the mediator drafts a document that is signed by both parties. The agreement is passed to the Judge for review and his/her signature and then added to the court record. When no agreement is reached, all parties return to the courtroom for trial the same day.