General District Court Mediation

Mediation — an alternative approach to the judicial process.

NVMS has been helping clients resolve civil disputes for 30 years, removing the stress of navigating the local court system.

NVMS receives funding from the Virginia Supreme Court to ensure that mediation is available at the General District Court level as an alternative to the traditional judicial process. Certified by the Virginia Supreme Court, NVMS mediators facilitate cases for the following courts:

Mediation, a voluntary and confidential alternative to litigation, is offered at no cost to parties.

Mediation allows parties to have more control, flexibility, and creativity over resolving their disputes versus a judge deciding the case for them. A judge will rule which party wins – and even if the judge determines if money is owed, payment is not enforced. On the other hand, mediated agreements are based on the parties hearing each other and negotiating the exchange of goods, services, or payment with agreed-upon timelines.

The Mediation Process – at Court or Remote

For parties who appear at the courthouse: Parties have the option to request services directly from the mediator or from the judge during his/her initial docket call. Mediation is a voluntary process, so all parties must agree to participate. Typically mediation sessions are conducted at the court house on the same day.

For parties seeking remote mediation: During COVID, parties have the option to request their mediation session virtually by contacting Remote mediation allows parties to negotiate their case with a certified mediator via video conference, which can be conducted by computer or smart phone.