What’s Next

VA General District Court Mentorship – What’s Next

Congratulations on completing the requirements for your Virginia Supreme Court General District Court Mediation Certification! It has been a long road and the end is in sight!

Please see below the steps for submitting certification, information to keep in mind and a brief summary on next steps to put your skills to practice.

  1. Putting together your application packet.

Please see below two links to open from OES-DRS where you will be sending your packet. The first is the list of instructions on assembly and the second is the actual application itself.

2. Reviewing your packet

Once you have completed your application review it thoroughly. Ensure all dates, names and sections have been completed. Do not leave a section blank. If you do not have anything to include put down “N/A”.

Include copies of your training certification and your original mentorship evaluations. Ensure all sections are filled out.

3. Mailing your packet

A $25.00 check or money order must accompany this application. Please make the
check payable to the Treasurer of Virginia. Do not send cash.
Please forward this application and your check to:
Dispute Resolution Services
Office of the Executive Secretary
Supreme Court of Virginia
100 N. Ninth Street, Third Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

PLEASE NOTE: Certification cycles are on a 2 year rolling basis every October. Once you receive your certification it will expire on the second cycle.

i.e., if you certify in July of 2019 your certification will expire in October 31st, 2020.

It is because of this reason that we recommend, if possible, for you to send in your application as close to the post-certification cycle as possible- either November or December. For instance, if you certify November 2019 your certification will be valid until October 31st, 2021.

What’s Next


Please see below a packet outlining the options for gaining CME credits to re-certify.