About NVMS Conflict Resolution Center

NVMS stands for Northern Virginia Mediation Services—our original name. Today, we are the NVMS Conflict Resolution Center, a nonprofit organization based in Fairfax, Virginia. When conflicts arise at home, at work, or in the community, people turn to the NVMS Conflict Resolution Center to access mediators, facilitators, and training. People who access our programs and services — online or in-person — resolve their disputes, get better results from their teams, and are more prepared to navigate conflict in all aspects of their lives. This helps people and communities thrive.

To be internationally recognized for conflict resolution training, programs, and services. 

Empowering people and organizations to manage and resolve conflict constructively.


  • Empowerment: We support individuals to make more informed choices.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: We appreciate and leverage our differences, we ensure that our programs and processes are fair to all and we reflect the communities and partners we serve.
  • Integrity: We follow through on our commitments and approach our clients and partners with honesty and authenticity.
  • Community connection: We align our approach with community and client needs.


Community Leadership

  • Increase community visibility
  • Grow external engagement and partnerships.

Service Expansion

  • Expand community education and training
  • Increase mediation services for under-resourced communities
  • Significantly expand restorative practices initiatives

Operational Congruence

  • Energize board governance
  • Translate core values to organizational practice
  • Align people strategy with industry standards
  • Strengthen revenue programs for sustainability.

Goal Areas
We are working to achieve nine goals in five years. We monitor our progress with a metrics-based dashboard.

Our History

In 1990, a group of graduate students from the George Mason University School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution (GMU S-CAR) came together to put into practice the dispute resolution skills acquired through their educational and experiential journeys. Beginning as a mediation clinic, this laboratory experiment grew to become an affiliate of GMU as its own non-profit 501(c)(3), known as the Northern Virginia Mediation Service. 

Over these last three decades, the organization has dramatically expanded and diversified its programs and services, thus outgrowing the moniker of a mediation service. Today, NVMS Conflict Resolution Center (NVMS) collaborates with local governments, non-profits, federal agencies and businesses to deliver the broadest array of programs, services and training throughout Northern Virginia. Through these channels, we help thousands of clients to reach constructive solutions, build stronger relationships and conserve valuable time and resources at work, at home and in their communities.