NVMS Civil Mediators

Application Process

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on operations across the board, we unfortunately do not have roster openings available at this time. As we build our remote capacity and things evolve, we will update this page.

Virginia Supreme Court-Certification for General District Court is a requirement for acceptance on any of our civil rosters at this time. Mediators must practice the facilitative style.
Pending VA Supreme Court Certification is accepted,  roster membership contingent upon successful awarding of certification.
The following criteria are preferred, but not required, for mediators joining the NVMS roster:
  • Available to regularly mediate at our Loudoun and Arlington courts.
  • Willing to commit at least two (2) dates per month at various courts and locations.
  • Bilingual ability in Spanish, Arabic, Korean or another language besides English.
  • Future interest in a larger organizational role such as mentoring.
  • Commercial Mediation applicants that have experience in real estate, civil litigation, property management or commercial disputes.

How to Apply:
Please fill out the below mediator application and submit via the email and subject line indicated at the bottom of the application. Please ensure your application is complete with all necessary attachments.

Mediator Application

Case Study
The case study is a series of scenarios and skills-based questions to evaluate your abilities as a mediator.

If accepted, this case study will be kept in your portfolio to help assess your particular style and identify areas of strength/improvement on your roster development plan.

Upon reviewing your case study and application, the Court and Community Programs Manager will weigh your submission with the criteria of the Office of the Executive Secretary – Dispute Resolution Section for adequate mediation ability, other candidates aptitude, and the availability of roster openings. If accepted, you will be notified via email and your orientation session will be scheduled.

Once accepted to the NVMS civil roster you will attend an orientation session with your fellow cohort of accepted mediators to brief you on roster policies and procedures. You will then begin a 6-month probationary period that includes setting goals and non-mentored co-mediation’s with more experienced roster members.

About Our Civil Mediation Programs

General District Court

We serve four primary courts in the surrounding jurisdictions of Loudoun County, City of Falls Church, Fairfax County and Arlington County. Mediation’s are done at the General District Court level including Small Claims Court with options for circuit court referrals for case-by-case basis of mediators. This is our largest program and ranges from consumer/merchant, contract/debt, landlord/tenant, criminal/restorative justice, employment, neighborhood, animals/pets, among other types of cases.

Cases are managed and coordinated by NVMS based on the docket of the courts and referred out by the voluntary consent of the parties. Mediators request available court dates ahead of each month which depend on the specific court and volume of cases.

Active Roster
This roster requires a minimum of 12 mediation dates per year in addition to normal roster duties. Active Roster members are provided priority scheduling and a 25% discount on NVMS training.

Auxiliary Roster
This roster has no minimum scheduling requirements. The primary duties are maintaining certification and attending annual meetings and required events.

Community Programs

Cases are managed and scheduled by NVMS based on the circumstances and availability of the parties. Mediation’s are typically held at our Fairfax office and scheduled at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance. Mediation’s are typically scheduled during weekday evenings although they can be scheduled during the day or on Saturday’s.

Neighborhood Mediation
This program is an intake and referral-based program that serves neighborhood disputes. This ranges from police, HOA, county government or self-referred cases for neighbors that could include noise disputes, domestic incidents, landlord/tenant, zoning issues, community conflict, etc.

Commercial Mediation
This program is an intake and referral-based program that services commercial disputes. This ranges from small-to-medium businesses, corporations, private individuals or general commercial matters that could include contract/debt, consumer/merchant, ownership disputes, severance, mergers & acquisition, industry-specific deals, etc.

Workplace Mediation
This program is an intake and referral-based program that services workplace disputes. This ranges from federal agencies, human resource departments, labor relations or self-referred employment cases that could include Equal Employment Opportunity, performance issues, diversity and inclusion, harassment, termination, team collaboration, management, discipline, etc.