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Panel Discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Community Mediation

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm Online via Zoom video conference Event Description:  The impact of diversity, equity and inclusion is paradoxical. While they offer myriad benefits to our society, a community of many backgrounds also presents challenges. Lack of knowledge and sensitivity, awareness of and experience with different values, attitudes, beliefs and traditions can lead to misunderstandingContinue Reading

Walter Tejada, Former Chair of Arlington County Board, Elected to Serve on NVMS Conflict Resolution Center’s Board of Directors

Fairfax, VA (February 24, 2021) — The Board of Directors of NVMS Conflict Resolution Center unanimously accepted the nomination of J. Walter Tejada, former chair and vice chair of the Arlington County Board of Supervisors, to serve on its Board on February 18, 2021. “NVMS Conflict Resolution Center is focusing on developing partnerships and expandingContinue Reading

NVMS Conflict Resolution Center Elects Two New Board Members

NVMS CONFLICT RESOLUTION CENTER ANNOUNCES THE APPOINTMENT OF TWO NEW MEMBERS TO ITS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Fairfax, VA (January 25, 2021) — Joining the Board of Directors are Sonia Aranza and Laurina Spolidoro. “We are delighted to have Sonia and Laurina serve on the Board of the NVMS Conflict Resolution Center. Their respective expertise inContinue Reading

A Family Mediation Client Story

Day in and day out, our mediators assist parents, couples, and families to resolve their conflicts constructively, while preserving the relationships that matter to them most. A client story follows sharing Jamie’s experience of mediating with NVMS CRC to resolve divorce and parenting issues. The names and details have been changed to maintain the confidentialityContinue Reading

Mediation Saves Business Venture and Mends Friendship

Sam and Will were close friends and jointly owned Izzy’s, a popular coffee/beer/wine cafe/music venue. The building where Izzy’s was located had been sold to a developer. Izzy’s had 1-1.5 yrs. to relocate or close.  Sam found an attractive site nearby ready for rent but needed substantial retrofitting costs. Sam could afford it. He wantedContinue Reading

NVMS CRC Elects Three New Board Members

NVMS CONFLICT RESOLUTION CENTER ANNOUNCES THE APPOINTMENT OF THREE NEW MEMBERS TO ITS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Fairfax, VA (October 19, 2020) — Joining the Board of Directors are Guillermo Birmingham, Edmond Ebeid, and Abe Pollack. “All three of our newest Board members bring talent, expertise and energy to the table. We are very fortunate toContinue Reading

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