Commercial Mediation

Commercial mediation typically pertains to conflicts arising among businesses or between businesses and customers such as partnership disagreements, contract disputes, etc.

Mediation provides a platform for parties to work together to develop lasting, mutually-accepted solutions, while saving considerable time and money typically associated with litigation. NVMS has a cadre of more than 60 certified mediators with industry-specific expertise.

How It Works

Step 1. Intake Brief individual phone interviews are conducted to determine the parties’ issues, appropriateness for mediation, and availability. This information will be used to assign the most qualified mediator to your case and provide background information before the first session.

Step 2. Scheduling Once the intake is completed with both parties, a certified mediator will be assigned to your case. All scheduling will be done through email. Once a mediation session is scheduled, both parties will receive an email confirmation.

Step 3. Mediation Session During the first session, each party will have the opportunity to discuss their issues and point of view without interruption. The mediator will help the parties identify all of the issues that need to be discussed and brainstorm possible solutions. Mediators will keep the sessions structured, allowing parties to participate in good faith and focus on reaching mutually agreeable outcomes.

Step 4. Outcomes
If the parties reach an agreement, the mediator will draft a provisional agreement, which parties may wish to have reviewed by legal counsel before signing.

If you have a pending court case and wish to mediate in court, please contact or call us at (703) 865-7272 or email us at