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Welcome to the Civil Mediation InfoHub! For your convenience, below are the processes, forms, tips & templates for managing GDC cases online. 

GDC Online Mediation Process – Step by Step Guide for Mediation Coordination


Below are the four documents included in a final case file. The mediator is responsible for sending the Intake Form to NVMS staff and the Evaluation of Mediation and Mediator to the parties.

Due to the AdobeSign process, the Agreement to Participate in Online Mediation and the Mediated Agreement would already be in NVMS’ possession.  

Agreement to Participate in Online Mediation

The actual Agreement to Participate in Online Mediation is to be circulated by staff to obtain electronic signatures from the parties followed by the mediator. A sample of this form is attached for the mediator to review with the parties as a reminder of what they [should have] already signed via AdobeSign and made a part of the final case file.

Mediated Agreement – Fillable for Online Mediation 

Once mediator provides staff the parties’ approved Mediated Agreement, staff will have the document circulated to the parties and the mediator via the Adobe Sign process to obtain electronic signatures. The mediator may keep a copy for their records.

Intake Form – Fillable for Online Mediation

To be sent by mediator to ( within a day of the mediation completion. This is necessary for regular NVMS case management and invoicing procedures.

Evaluation of Mediation and Mediator(s) Form

To be sent by mediator to parties promptly following the mediation session.


These documents provide the guides and reminders for conducting successful online mediations. If you have any questions, contact Amorkor Armar, Court & Community Programs Manager, at

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