Civil Mediation InfoHub

Welcome to the Civil Mediation InfoHub! For your convenience, below are the processes, forms, tips & templates for managing NVMS CRC’s court cases. 

Please note there are different procedures if you mediate via Fairfax County’s Matterhorn Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform instead of mediating in-person in Arlington GDC, The City of Falls Church GDC or Loudoun County GDC.

These documents provide the guides and reminders for conducting successful online and in-person mediations. If you have any questions, contact Abigail Blatt, Court & Community Programs Coordinator (CCPC), at

ODR Procedures and Documents

Checklist For Scheduling, Preparing, Conducting and Concluding Your Online Mediation Session

Mediation Session Tips & Ground Rules for Parties

Online Mediation Intro Call Checklist from NVMS Mediator, Lucy Roberts

GDC Online Mediation Process -FAQ


Below are the documents included in a final case file. The mediator is responsible for sending the Intake Form to NVMS CRC’s CCPC and the Evaluation of Mediation and Mediator to the parties.

Agreement to Participate in Online Mediation

Fairfax GDC is operating virtually via its Matterhorn ODR Platform. The actual Agreement to Participate in Online Mediation is to be circulated by the mediator to obtain electronic signatures from the parties and mediator(s) via the Matterhorn ODR Platform. Mediators may sign the form on the parties’ behalf with the parties’ consent after conducting the orientation. If there is an issue, you may ask abigail to circulate it for you. You may download this form by clicking the downward facing arrow to the left of the printer symbol.

Mediated Agreement – Fillable for Online Mediation 

If you are mediating via the Matterhorn ODR Platform, the platform will prompt you to fill out an agreement. After drafting the agreement in the fillable document, attach it in the “everyone” conversation tab for parties to sign. Parties may need to take turns by having one print, sign, scan, and reattach it to the “everyone” tab for the second party to repeat the process, and so-on. In cases where parties cannot sign this way due to technical difficulties, contact Abigail and she will circulate the agreement to the parties and the mediator via the Adobe Sign process to obtain electronic signatures. The mediator may keep a copy for their records.

Intake Form – Fillable for Online Mediation

To be sent by mediator to after the mediation is complete. This is necessary for regular NVMS CRC’s case management and invoicing procedures.

ODR Evaluation Link:

For cases mediated online, please send the parties the evaluation using this link:

In-Person Mediation Procedures and Documents

GDC Court Packet: Includes all documents needed for in-person mediation in Arlington GDC, The City of Falls Church GDC or Loudoun County GDC.

Please print, scan and email filled out case packet to after the mediation is complete.

Evaluation of in-person Mediation and Mediator(s) Form

To be sent by mediator to parties following the mediation session.