Community of Practice

Learning doesn’t stop with a training or even after years of experience. At NVMS Conflict Resolution Center we have a long-standing tradition of bringing together people who are using conflict resolution in their lives and their work so they can learn from one another, expand their network, and complete recertification requirements. 

The Community of Practice offers:

  • A safe, respectful, and positive environment to exchange ideas and problem-solve the challenges encountered in conflict resolution practice.
  • An opportunity to develop a network of peers and experts in the field who can serve as a resource.
  • A forum to explore and share best practices, models, tools, and theories that enhance subject matter knowledge and practical approaches.
  • Challenge sessions on fundamental and advanced topics.

Upcoming Program Topics

June 29 – COVID-19: Mediating During A Pandemic (4:30-6pm)
CME: 1.5 (pending)

The COVID-19 virus affects all of us, but some more than others – the front liners and their parents, siblings, children and partners; the employees/sole proprietors of closed businesses who are struggling to support themselves and their families; the parents, siblings, children and partners of virus victims; the isolated or worse – those isolated in compromised or abusive conditions. Can the effects of COVID-19 impair a party’s ability to mediate? Can same effects impair a mediator’s ability to be impartial? Can the mediation process be at risk? What are the signs? How do mediators preserve their mediation principles?

Join us for an engaging discussion as we consider the implications of mediating during a pandemic.

July 22 – Screening for Appropriateness (4:30-6:30pm)
CME: 2
Guest Speakers: Mandy Sarkissian and Sally Campbell, Dispute Resolution Services at the Supreme Court of Virginia

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