Community of Practice

Learning doesn’t stop with a training or even after years of experience. At NVMS Conflict Resolution Center we have a long-standing tradition of bringing together people who are using conflict resolution in their lives and their work so they can learn from one another, expand their network, and complete recertification requirements. 

The Community of Practice offers:

  • A safe, respectful, and positive environment to exchange ideas and problem-solve the challenges encountered in conflict resolution practice.
  • An opportunity to develop a network of peers and experts in the field who can serve as a resource.
  • A forum to explore and share best practices, models, tools, and theories that enhance subject matter knowledge and practical approaches.
  • Challenge sessions on fundamental and advanced topics.

Upcoming Programs

October 28 – Interfaith Perspectives on Conflict Resolution (Panel)

Networking: 7-7:30pm 
Program: 7:30-9pm

Facilitator: Christine Cameron
CME: 1.5 (pending)
Cost: $15

Religion plays an important role for many of the individuals we encounter in our work. This can be seen by a divorcing couple working through their child’s chosen religion or members of different faiths working through their differences. Each party we encounter will have a view on religion.

This program is based on that premise and asks a series of questions, including: 

  1. How does an individual’s faith influence them working through conflict? 
  2. What do we, as interveners, need to consider when working with people from different backgrounds? 
  3. How does our own experience with faith impact our approach to conflict resolution?

To explore these questions and more please join us for an engaging conversation facilitated by Christine Cameron and representatives of the Sikh, Muslim, and Christian faiths.

About the Facilitator: Christine Cameron is NVMS trained in conflict resolution and mediation with a particular interest in working with community groups and faith-based organizations. Chris was elected city councilor and mayor of Lafayette, Colorado, and headed a DC-based non-profit organization that advocates for behavioral and brain sciences. She is an active leader in her own church community, having led through periods of both stability and transition. Chris earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Kansas and a B.S. in Psychology from Colorado State University.

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