Community of Practice

Learning doesn’t stop with a training or even after years of experience. At NVMS Conflict Resolution Center we have a long-standing tradition of bringing together people who are using conflict resolution in their lives and their work so they can learn from one another, expand their network, and complete recertification requirements. 

The Community of Practice offers:

  • A safe, respectful, and positive environment to exchange ideas and problem-solve the challenges encountered in conflict resolution practice.
  • An opportunity to develop a network of peers and experts in the field who can serve as a resource.
  • A forum to explore and share best practices, models, tools, and theories that enhance subject matter knowledge and practical approaches.
  • Challenge sessions on fundamental and advanced topics.

Upcoming Program Topics


April 16Just One More Thing…The Columbo Questioning Technique (Online via Zoom – details will be emailed to all those registered)

CME: 1.5 (pending)

In the four-time Emmy winning 1970’s TV series, “Columbo”, played by Peter Falk, was the guileless Los Angeles homicide detective in the rumpled trench coat whose ingenious demeanor and legendary “play dumb” questioning exposed the most well-concealed crimes. Different aspects of the Columbo technique have been taught and mimicked in various other non-law enforcement professions, e.g. counseling and sales.

Join us for a fun, engaging CoP event in which we will discuss the Columbo technique and identify what aspects might be useful in working with people in conflict. We will explore answers to the questions:

  • How does the Columbo technique work?
  • What is its potential as a mediation tool?
  • How is it compatible with mediation principles?
  • What challenges or potential ethical concerns does it raise?

In preparation for this session, whether you are an ardent fan or a first-time viewer, we encourage you to watch episodes of the series and pay specific attention to his questioning techniques. You may access full episodes here:

May 18 – Youth in Conflict Resolution (In-person)

July 27 – Mental Health Awareness

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