A Family Mediation Client Story

Day in and day out, our mediators assist parents, couples, and families to resolve their conflicts constructively, while preserving the relationships that matter to them most. A client story follows sharing Jamie’s experience of mediating with NVMS CRC to resolve divorce and parenting issues. The names and details have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of parties.

Jamie (not her real name) came to NVMS CRC for Family and Interpersonal Mediation services. After receiving the assistance she needed to move through the divorce process while maintaining quality relationships with her family members, Jamie shared her story:

“At our first appointment, the mediator asked about our individual goals and the major unresolved issues in our divorce, including how to manage our kids and what to do with our house. The mediator helped us talk through those issues in layman’s terms—it was a big change from the formal legal language my lawyer had been using.”

Jamie appreciated how well the mediator moved the conversation forward by
challenging preconceived notions of what could or couldn’t be done.

“When my husband said he couldn’t afford to move out of our shared home, the
mediator did the math and showed him it could be done. When the mediator proposed selling an asset, it was like a lightbulb went off. Instead of fighting over something for years, we could just be done with it.”

With input from Jamie and her husband, the mediator drafted a memorandum of understanding that would form the basis for their divorce agreement. The mediator also helped them to decide in advance how they would communicate with their kids.

“I was worried my husband would blame me for the big changes, and my kids would too. The mediator helped us write down how we would talk about our decisions, and we’ve come back to that document again and again,” Jamie added.

“The whole process went much more quickly than I thought it would. Once the mediator heard from both of us, she was able to start putting solutions on paper quickly. In four months with a lawyer, we got nowhere. In about the same amount of time with the mediator, we came to an agreement about how to separate our lives.”

As shared in this direct account of her experience mediating with NVMS CRC, Jamie received the assistance she needed to manage a difficult situation constructively. Mediation not only helped Jamie and her family through the logistics of the divorce process, but also supported them in creating meaningful ways of communicating together for the years ahead.

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