Panel Discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Community Mediation

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The impact of diversity, equity and inclusion is paradoxical. While they offer myriad benefits to our society, a community of many backgrounds also presents challenges. Lack of knowledge and sensitivity, awareness of and experience with different values, attitudes, beliefs and traditions can lead to misunderstanding and tension among various groups, thus leading to conflicts among neighbors, individuals, co-workers, family members, governmental agencies and residents, businesses and customers, landlords and tenants, and more. 

History often repeats itself. The past half dozen years, at least, have been replete with excruciating real-time examples of how divergent worldviews and limitations in perspectives have influenced the realities we believe to be true. And like never before, social media is being used as a megaphone for divergent views, escalating polarizing words and actions as witnessed in very recent examples of civil unrest locally and nationally. 

How can we strengthen and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion through mediation, conflict resolution practices and training? As practitioners in the field that seeks to foster unity and mutual understanding in the community, what, if any, are the roles we can play as peacebuilders? 

NVMS Conflict Resolution Center is pleased to convene this panel discussion to deepen our understanding of the collective work of mediation, and to identify ways the practice of peacebuilding can proactively become an instrument for creating community ties that transcend demographic backgrounds.  

Sonia Aranza, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategist
Karla Bruce, Chief Equity Officer, Fairfax County
Alma Jadallah, PhD, President, Kommon Denominator 
Walter Tejada, former Chair of the Arlington County Board of Supervisors 
Jaqueline Tucker, City of Alexandria Race and Social Equity Officer

Regine Talleyrand, PhD, Associate Professor, George Mason University

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