Mediation for the Federal Sector

From improving performance to reconciling clashing work styles, this certificate provides you with the skills to mediate and assist federal employees in exploring mutually acceptable resolutions to their disputes. It is a professional development opportunity to improve performance by helping colleagues navigate disagreements. This cohort-based program begins with a focus on fundamentals such as understanding interest-based negotiation and learning a four-step mediation process. Then, advanced practice classes add depth and complexity to specific elements of mediation.

This cohort-based program is offered as a series of seven (7) workshops varying in length. Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive a professional certificate. Past program graduates have gone on to join federal mediation programs in various agencies, including the Sharing Neutrals Program.

Who should attend? 
Federal employees or consultants looking to mediate in federal agencies or build a private mediation practice.


ADR: Beyond MediationTBA 2021$265Online
Negotiation SkillsTBA$450Online
Mediation Skills and ProcessDec. 7, 8, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18, 2020$1,290Online
Preparing Memoranda and AgreementsTBA 2021$180Online
Mediation Practicum: Federal WorkplaceTBA 2021$450Online
Mediating Complex and Multiparty Civil CasesTBA 2021$450Online
Mediating EEO and Workplace DisputesTBA 2021$450Online
Total Cost$3,535

Program Instructors
Program instructors bring extensive experience in conflict resolution and they combine theory and practice to create an engaging learning experience.

Tracey Pilkerton Cairnie, MA, PCC is a court-certified mentor mediator, ICF certified coach, facilitator, and trainer. She specializes in relationship and group dynamics, as well as management and leadership optimization, and she mediates resolutions and provides coaching to individuals and teams.

James MeditzMA is a certified mentor mediator, facilitator, consultant, and trainer in conflict resolution in employment, workplace, commercial, family, separation, divorce, elder, and community situations for private clients and federal and state agencies.

James Q. Pope, MSW, JD is an attorney, mediator, and consultant in conflict management and subjects related to workplace conflict, employee relations, civil disputes, and divorce.

John (Norval) Settle, MPA, JD has over twenty years of experience as a mentor mediator, trainer and facilitator. He mediates for a number of federal agencies, including the EEOC, and specializes in conflict management and negotiation training.

Michael West, MS has over twenty-five years of mediation and training experience. Mr. West specializes in training and coaching for senior executives, managers, supervisors, and employees of all levels in dispute management and resolution, leadership, management skills, team-building, communication, and relationship awareness skills. 

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