CFNOVA Supports Outreach Efforts to Expand Restorative Justice for Juveniles in the Route 1 Corridor

Fairfax, VA (April 28, 2021) — NVMS Conflict Resolution Center (NVMS CRC) is pleased to announce a $20,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia to promote and advance restorative justice to assist juveniles of diverse backgrounds and who are members of low-income families in the Route 1 Corridor of southeastern Fairfax County. 

Restorative justice is a safe and respectful process that holds people accountable for their choices and behaviors, while repairing the harm caused by these actions. Studies show that juvenile crime stem from a community that has failed to support the basic human needs of young people. Crime becomes collective failure of responsibility—by the community, and the offenders and their families. The foundation of the restorative justice approach requires the juvenile justice system to devote attention to making amends to victims and the community, increasing offender competencies, and protecting the public though processes in which offenders, victims, and the community are all active participants. 

“NVMS CRC promotes a collective sense of community belonging among residents by developing common understanding and community acknowledgement, accountability, and mutual acceptance among all its residents. We aspire to help break the juvenile-to-prison pipeline so that Fairfax’s youth can still foresee a future in which they are a part of the community,” Arleen Ramirez Borysiewicz, executive director. 

NVMS CRC will use the funding to create partnerships with community organizations, faith groups, businesses, and governmental agencies such at the Neighborhood and Community Services of Fairfax County.

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