Celebrating AAPIA Month is Personal

May is the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. As a Filipino American, I couldn’t be more proud to lead and serve NVMS Conflict Resolution Center, bringing with me all the strength, sense of responsibility, pursuit of excellence, humility, and sense of family that my 96-year old Dad, father of 12, grandfather of 28, great grandfather of 17, and great, great grandfather of 1, imbued in us.

Arleen Borysiewicz with Capt. James M. Ramirez, Sr., (96) of Alexandria, Virginia

Among our extended family are military service men and women, pilots, scholars, writers, academicians, educators, doctors, nurses, construction workers, business owners, tradesmen, home builders, home-keepers, accountants, government workers and contractors, restaurant owners, artists, physical therapists and home health assistants, foster parents, poets, flight attendants, secretaries, gardeners, carpet layers, comic illustrators, members of the LBGTQ community, multiracial family members, progressives, advocates, conservatives, traditionalists, Catholics, Muslims, atheists, Buddhists, agnostics. 

There is no one US. We challenge each other’s points of view, honor our differences, and celebrate the many cultures that, by marriage and friendships, are now our world.

SEE, ENCOUNTER, and CELEBRATE the many AAPAIs from all walks of life you encounter today and each day.

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