NVMS Public Service – Supporting IJET and its goal to reduce crimes against children

– NVMS receives requests at least once a year to meet with organizations from abroad about implementing mediation or restorative justice in the courts and/or exploring dispute resolution in community settings. This is a public service activity, for which our organizations receives no funding. This year, we are excited to be hosting the IJET Program, which is supported by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. The main goal of the Kyrgyzstani fellows’ proposed Change Plan is to prevent and decrease crimes against children and provide… Read More

Facilitating Success

  How managers can help employees recognize and overcome conflict-based performance issues When there is conflict amongst teams in the workplace, performance suffers.  Managers can be the first-responders during these times and work with employees as facilitators in order to identify and work through the conflict at hand. Poorly managed conflict can be expensive for employers.  CareerBuilder reports that the average HR manager incurs more than $800,000 per year in costs from extended vacancies – these vacancies are often the result of unresolved office conflict. 45% of companies surveyed also say that… Read More

How to Apply Nonverbal Techniques in Mediation: Clearing Hurdles

The information and techniques in this article are from Barbara Madonik’s book, “I hear what you say, but what are you telling me?” (pg. 64-69) Wiley, Oct. 6, 2001. Knowing how to circumvent obstacles to the mediation process is one of the secrets to a great mediators’ success. Often, parties involved in conflict have habitual response patterns which they bring with them to mediation.  The following techniques are tools that can be used to move the conversation forward and overcome barriers resulting from past miscommunication: As if This technique requires a little… Read More

Upcoming Panel Discussion: Talk It Out -Resolving Conflicts in the Family, in the Community, and in the Workplace

Conflict is a part of life and it affects all of us. It can include disputes between family members, neighbors, a co-worker or a boss, or the school principal.   It can also include disputes between a landlord and a tenant, a customer and a business, a boss and an employee, principals and teachers versus parents and students, parties to a formal contract, and even issues like responsibility for a pet’s actions. Come hear about various mediation options from a panel of experienced conflict resolution experts to resolve these disputes. Join us from… Read More

How to Apply Nonverbal Techniques During Mediation: Gathering Information

The information and techniques in this article are from Barbara Madonik’s book, “I hear what you say, but what are you telling me?” (pg. 62-63) Wiley, Oct. 6, 2001. Gathering useful information is one of the most challenging tasks set to mediators.  The following tools can be used by mediators to access information that is needed for a successful resolution, but may not be presented clearly by participants initially. Recognize Bracket Negotiating Sometimes, participants in mediation will have a specific financial settlement amount in mind.  Bracketing is a negotiation technique that some clients… Read More