How to Reduce the Impact of Separation on Children

These days single-parent families are a common family form. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 41% of births in 2010 were to unmarried women and the divorce rate from 2000 through 2012 was half the marriage rate. This shift in family forms has potential consequences on the life not only of the parents but also of their children. Potential Impact of Separation on Children The child’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior could be influenced by their family’s arrangement or a family transition. The way this impact is expressed varies… Read More

A Restorative Approach to Accountability for Juvenile Crime

The Fairfax County Alternative Accountability Program (AAP) uses Restorative Justice (RJ) conferencing to engage first-time offender youth, ages 10-17, in a facilitated process focused on accountability and repair of harm.  Here are a few of its successes since the initial AAP pilot in 2014: Recidivism rate of 7% as compared with statewide average of 49% for juvenile crime; Victims have a voice in the outcome; “I enjoyed that there was a plan to ensure accountability for his actions…  This program is great because it allows me to have an input on what… Read More

Letting Go and Moving On

Sometimes, what is really important when you are in conflict is having the grace to let go.  This is an ability that does not come naturally to everyone. Geoff Drucker shares his experience on gaining the emotional control and wisdom needed to move on below: Flying Solo Differences arise in every relationship.  When all goes well, we iron them out through honest, respectful dialogue; or, if we need a little help, we call in a mediator to improve communication.    But sometimes dialogue is pointless or counterproductive, or would be impractical or… Read More

How To Speak So People Will Want to Listen

Watch Julian Treasure’s full TED Talk here. As we all know, it can be very difficult to attract or hold people’s attention at times in everyday life. In conflict settings, it can be even harder. Sometimes, it is not only what you say, but how you say it. Whether you are a mediator or you are an individual involved in a conflict, the following voice tools highlighted by Julian Treasure in his Ted Talk could help you communicate more effectively and find a resolution more quickly. Register A vocal register is a range of… Read More

NVMS Public Service – Supporting IJET and its goal to reduce crimes against children

– NVMS receives requests at least once a year to meet with organizations from abroad about implementing mediation or restorative justice in the courts and/or exploring dispute resolution in community settings. This is a public service activity, for which our organizations receives no funding. This year, we are excited to be hosting the IJET Program, which is supported by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. The main goal of the Kyrgyzstani fellows’ proposed Change Plan is to prevent and decrease crimes against children and provide… Read More