Why I Give


by Yasmina Mrabet, NVMS Board President There are many nonprofits that offer important social services, but not all offer a path to a brighter future.  It is critical to provide the kinds of services that encourage positive social and cultural change.   Supporting organizations that facilitate the development of skills, knowledge and experience that help people negotiate life and its challenges, while preserving relationships, is a valuable gift for individuals and communities.  NVMS and other community dispute resolution centers provide these services year-round.   Unfortunately, our society includes systems that do not allow… Read More

Moving Forward, Post-Election


By Megan Johnston, NVMS Executive Director Each time we help a family to create a co-parenting plan or peacefully negotiate a separation, every court dispute resolved by satisfying the interests of those involved through mediation, every agreement reached by community stakeholders in a restorative justice conference and every collaborative communication skill learned in training, make our society a better place.   Regardless of individual feelings about the candidates, conversations around national politics during the campaign have been acrimonious and at times threatening.  You can make a difference in the healing our country… Read More

Modern Families

Two happy couples standing outside a new home

Families nowadays come in all shapes and sizes.  Huffposts’ Blended Families Page is a compilation of articles that reflect the variety of experiences that people have in blended families.  For those unfamiliar with the term, a blended family is, “a family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships.”  Looking for inspiration or tips on how to connect your modern family?  CLICK HERE to view Huffposts’ Blended Families Page. For those going through a difficult family transition, such as a divorce or co-parenting disagreement,  CLICK HERE to… Read More

The Main Themes from Dare to Disagree – A Ted Talk from Margaret Heffernan

  Margaret Heffernan is a seasoned business woman and a five time CEO.  In this video, she explores conflict avoidance and how it contributes to organizational inefficiencies and even disasters.  Below are some of the main themes of the video which can be applied to our everyday lives: Conventional wisdom is not always right. – It is important to challenge the status quo, or at the very least, not take everything at face value.   Openness alone cannot drive change. – When new information becomes available in any field, instant change in… Read More

Getting the Most out of the Multi-Generational Workplace

By Megan Johnston We often complain about members of other generations – “Millennials are all entitled and lazy” or “Baby boomers are stuck in their ways.” I have heard a lot of stories from managers and employees and many seem to have this common theme, ”Other generations don’t get it.” But consider this: what if instead of focusing on these gaps, we made the most of the diversity of skill sets and experience they bring to the workplace? Some of the more pervasive sticking points that tend to arise among inter-generational colleagues… Read More