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News | 2023 Board Recruitment

Join Our Team: Become a Board Member and Make a Difference!

Opportunity for Board Service
The NVMS Board of Directors is growing! We plan to appoint at least three and up to six board members, including but not limited to dispute resolution professionals.
Why Serve? Why Now?
There are many reasons! As a board member, you will develop and grow as a leader, cultivate new skills, and expand your professional and community networks.
·       Are you passionate about empowering people to manage conflict constructively?  
·       Do you aspire to share your time, talent and resources to make a difference?
·       Do you have unique skills and expertise that could benefit our work?
·       Do you enjoy being an enthusiastic champion for causes and encouraging others to get involved?

We are rebuilding toward an ambitious vision focused on reaching, engaging, and empowering people and organizations throughout the community. If you are drawn to start-up environments and the opportunities associated with working boards, this opportunity is for you!  We seek leaders with expertise such as:
·       Nonprofit Governance
·       Marketing and Communications
·       Philanthropic Fundraising
·       Events Planning and Execution
·       Finance and Accounting
·       Programs and Service, i.e., Restorative Justice, Facilitation, eLearning & Training.
About NVMS Conflict Resolution Center
NVMS stands for Northern Virginia Mediation Services—our original name. Today, we are the NVMS Conflict Resolution Center, a comprehensive nonprofit center for conflict resolution based in Fairfax, Virginia. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to resolve conflicts constructively. When conflicts arise at home, at work, or in the community, people turn to the NVMS Conflict Resolution Center to access training, plus mediators, facilitators, and restorative justice practitioners to support their conflict management and resolution goals. People and groups that access our programs and services resolve their disputes, get better results from their teams, and are more prepared to navigate conflict in all aspects of their lives. NVMS Conflict Resolution Center is an affiliate of George Mason University’s Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution. We have been helping people and organizations transform conflict to successful outcomes since 1990.
Join Us!  Contact executive director Arleen Borysiewicz at aborysiewicz@nvms.us to learn more.

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